Ministry Setup


Program Certification:  The Christian Taekwondo University (CTU) is certified through the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Assoc., one of the oldest leading authorities of Taekwondo in America. Both organizations are under the leadership of 9th Degree Black Belt, Sr. Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell,  internationally certified world title holders through the World Taekwondo Federation and ordained Christian minister.

Leader Certification: Your selected Leaders are certified through our CTU Training School and graduate to a “Gray Belt” which represents CTU Leadership.  (Note: Gray belts are only available in CTU.)

Leader Training:  Many CTU Leaders are continuously trained through correspondence courses offered by the CTU.  Evaluations for promotions can be done via video tape.  National, state, and local training seminars and conferences are also scheduled for leaders to attend several times per year.

Student Certification:  All students who attend CTU schools will receive nationally recognized certification, ID cards, promotional certificates and belts through the CTU National Headquarters.

Uniforms and Training Supplies:  These items are made available exclusively by the CTU from the finest quality manufacturers.

Your CTU Ministry/School operates under the direction of the Pastor.  The CTU National Headquarters handles all technical training matters, curriculum, certification and special CTU events.