Getting Started


Prayer.  As in anything that is done for the Lord, prayer is first.

Choose Leaders.  Choose 3 people from your church to be trained as leaders of the program. No experience in Taekwondo is required.  The leaders must be consecrated Christians who desire to disciple others and have an interest in learning Taekwondo.

Submit a Charter Membership Application. The charter will register your church and three selected Leaders.

Schedule the first Leadership Certification Seminar. The Leadership Certification Seminar trains your leaders in the basics of Taekwondo and the operation procedures of CTU.  (Point of Interest: If you know of any other churches in your area that would be receptive to this style of evangelism, encourage them to also get involved now.  This would help us to train multiple churches at the same time.)

Schedule a Sell Team Ministry Crusade in your community.Since 1981, The Sell Team has been performing world-class evangelistic Taekwondo exhibitions around the world. This Evangelistic Taekwondo Exhibition will “Kick Off” your new Christian Taekwondo University school during a normal service.  Our 1½ – 2 hour services minister to all ages.  The USCDKA office will help you with all details when scheduling The Sell Team to come to your church or community.